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Go Go, Allegro!
"Upscale but not uptight," the Hotel Allegro is located in the heart of downtown Chicago.  This funky, hip-hop hotel, with its velvet stripes and swirls and whimsical furnishings, offers the intimacy of a boutique hotel. But with 483 guest rooms and 13,450 square feet of meeting space, the Hotel Allegro also offers practical convenience.  In this broadcast, General Manager Jan McCormick offers us a tour.

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The Violated Cyberculture
Douglas Rushkoff is a journalist, writer and social theorist whose thoughts on technology often challenge mainstream thinking.  In this broadcast, Rushkoff discusses the evolution of cyberculture from underground hacker paradise to flashy commercial resource.  Rushkoff also ponders how economics have shaped the Internet and how this will affect the future of the Web.

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The Globalization of Labor Markets
More and more, populous countries are entering the global marketplace. While a great deal of attention is paid to the effects of globalization on financial and capital markets, less notice has been given to the effect of globalization on labor markets. In this broadcast, Tom Kochan, the George M. Bunker Professor of Management at MIT's Sloan School of Management, addresses the issue of how Third World countries' additions to the labor force may legitimately challenge industrial nations.

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